the [unexpected] Wedding Dress Made Guests Really Uncomfortable

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Da dum da da, da dum da da – ah yes, that life-changing and expensive day: the wedding day. Many of us can dream of our wedding day in a crowded underground, drool escapes from the sides of our mouth, our eyes are slightly veiled … You can imagine the picture.

During this dream day, you can choose floral arrangements, ice sculptures, reception, DJ, four-piece string quartet, or you can try out the cake flavours in 25 steps that you REALLY think you need. But there’s always a little thought bubble jumping in there…

For brides, most of the stress is not about the venue or the guest list (let’s be honest, if your culture isn’t 100% American, that list will certainly be organized by you. willing aunts), but about the TENUE. A vaginal embrace of the body perhaps? A ball gown with a full skirt that will make you the Disney princess you’ve always dreamed of? Maybe a deer neck? Maybe even a pretty décolleté with a bodice trimmed with Swarovski crystals? Unfortunately, our list doesn’t cover the conventional, the chic, the elegant or the reserved. I’m pretty sure that the staff at Kleinfeld would be watching the horror show that awaits us with their fingertips. You probably think it can’t be that bad. Oh, but believe us, it is.

Talk About Anime-ted on the Big Day!

We are sure that the Anime illustrators would be quite impressed and flattered by the choice of this brave bride’s dress.

With a shock of turquoise green hair, short dark eyebrows and a deep plum shade of lipstick, she is basically a living anime character! With her colourful and artistic tattoos on both arms and a romantic dress at her waist, she attracts all the attention. Don’t forget how fluorescent lace splashes on her pretty white dress! To top it all off? Grungy Doc Martens! Portland is certainly not tired or boring, and you have to take a look at this bride to confirm it! We love it!

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