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View Digital Marketing Sales Funnel Stages Images. A digital marketing funnel describes the steps that users take to move from being a prospect to a customer. Most digital marketers will tell you that digital marketing sales funnels utilize a 4 or 5 stage funnel.

Digital Marketing Funnel | Imagine IT
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After determining goals and building personas , it's time to start marketing. When marketers craft a digital marketing campaign, they typically perform a crucial step: The sales funnel strategy guide.

Simply put, a marketing funnel is a series of steps a person takes in his or her journey towards becoming a customer.

Sales funnel is the process of reaching your target audience through advertising, social media, and digital marketing campaigns like email marketing and a sales funnel is effectively divided into five stages. The digital marketing sales funnel is the backbone of digital marketing. A digital marketing funnel is the series of online content channels which a user encounters as they move through different stages in their relationship with a digital marketing funnel (or sales funnel or marketing funnel) captures the different points of entry of your target audience to a web page or. Thus, if you want to know how to build a killer sales funnel that drives leads & conversion.

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