Celebrities Luxurious Homes And Cars [Part I]

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Although he earns quite a fortune thanks to his career, Sting still concerns himself with things that supposedly don’t even affect his credit score much, like how efficiently a car consumes fuel. Well, for that, the musician bought himself a hybrid vehicle – a Toyota Prius. Besides being cost-friendly, the Prius is also quite comfortable to ride in.

Meanwhile, whenever he isn’t busy traveling from city to city, performing at concerts, Sting likes to relax in his house in Wiltshire, England. Besides its many amenities, the musician loves this haven for another reason – it allows him to write songs in solitude. In fact, one of his favorite places to be at is underneath the shade of the copper beech tree, and he’d even have a guitar with him while he’s at it. With that said, knowing that this sanctuary also has a recording studio, it comes as no surprise that all of the songs in his album, Ten Summoner’s Tales, were recorded here.

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