Celebrities Luxurious Homes And Cars [Part I]

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Besides showcasing an actor’s acting chops, many movies also present jaw-dropping set pieces, many of which require the help of stunt doubles. Even so, there’s one celebrity that’s known for keeping insurance companies on their toes, and that’s Tom Cruise. Well-known for doing most – if not all – of his stunts, the actor has since earned quite a fortune, which is most apparent with his many prized possessions.

Through the years, Cruise has developed an impressive car collection. One such beauty in his garage is the 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS, a gorgeous vehicle he even used in his Jack Reacher movie. Meanwhile, on the real estate side of things, the actor has also owned and sold a couple of homes, with the most recent being his Colorado estate. Now on the market for a whopping $39.5 million, this 320-acre sanctuary provides both privacy and an all-around cozy experience for its residents.

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