Celebrities Luxurious Homes And Cars [Part II]

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Nicki Minaj has been a Beverly Hills resident since 2016. She reportedly spends $30,000/month to live in this Mediterranean-style house, although the property doesn’t include a robust home security system. In 2017, it was ransacked by burglars, but thank goodness the musician was safe. Anyway, the entire house has a living area of 11,500 square feet, nine bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a five-car garage, a pool, a spa, a sprawling lawn, a built-in BBQ in the yard, a living room, a dining area, and family rooms.

If you’ve been following Minaj, you would know that she owns a pink Lamborghini Aventador. While she’s not the first to paint her car pink, her car is one of the most notable rides in the entertainment industry. What’s more, she reportedly splurged $30,000 to get her vehicle painted. By the way, the car’s price tag is $400,000.

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